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Shimano fishing

SHIMANO front drag reel design continually evolves, with new and improved technologies being introduced on a yearly cycle. Whichever front drag reel you are selling, you can be assured that for quality, value for money and customer experience, SHIMANO leads the way. The Twin Power is the perfect example of Shimanos evolving innovation, the Hagane components push the industry benchmarks on strength, durability and power. A stunning larger front drag reel offering excellent value for anglers who demand a heavy duty fixed spool.

A very affordable rear drag reel, packed with features from Shimano's more expensive reels.

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The AX FB range is exceptionally reliable yet won't break the bank, making it an ideal choice for any novice angler. The new Exsence is made using the newest high-end materials and technologies, resulting in a light weight but immensely strong reel. The new Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point.

The Sahara RD is a versatile reel that can be used for many freshwater angling purposes, wether it is lure fishing for pike or match fishing for bream. An all round, versatile and dependable reel perfectly suites for beginners and occasional anglers.

shimano fishing

The Stella FJ is the new flagship in front drag Core Solid spinning reels and is developed for both fresh and salt water conditions. Stunning cosmetics and brimming with the latest technology and suitable for many different types of fishing. A classic Shimano reel that has established an enviable reputation for its looks, quality and performance. The Super GT is a low gear, high torque reel, perfect for bigger freshwater fish but encased in a compact body.

The new Sustain is a all-round front drag spinning reel with some exiting new features. The Twinpower XD is developed for salt water spinning. Long stroke - Aluminium andonized - Cold forged. The STRADIC is already a well known and highly appreciated spinning reel which is used by hundred of thousands anglers, all over the world.

It has the ideal gear ratio and retrieve speed to present the EGI lure in the ideal way. Homepage Spinning reels.

shimano fishing

Body Material Aluminium. Maintenance Port No. Family Type Spinning. Extra Spool 0. ModelsSpool Material Cold forged aluminium. Waterproof Drag Yes. Handle Single machined aluminium. Line Lay Varispeed. Body Material XT Models Spool Material Diecast aluminium. Waterproof Drag No. Handle Single. Alivio FA A stunning larger front drag reel offering excellent value for anglers who demand a heavy duty fixed spool.

Models, S, Alivio RC A very affordable rear drag reel, packed with features from Shimano's more expensive reels.

The Catana RC is a rear-drag spinning reel. Extra Spool Yes.Utilizing a range of signature technologies and premium components, the Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning Rods satisfy the demands of the most competitive anglers with a lightweight, sensitivity-rich construction.

Allowing anglers to fill their rod locker without having to empty their wallet, the Shimano Clarus Spinning Rods offer quality and dependability at an angler-frienldy price. Blending quality and value, the Shimano Convergence Spinning Rods take a no-nonsense approach to performance with high-composite blanks and Fuji components. Built with an emphasis on sensitivity and reliability, the Shimano Curado Spinning Rods are constructed using Hybrid High-Modulus UD Carbon blanks and outfitted with Fuji components, giving anglers the level of performance that is synonymous with the Curado name.

Offered in a range of more westernized actions, the Shimano Expride A Spinning Rods boast signature Shimano technologies, like Hi-Power X and CI4 material that reduce weight while maintaining strength and sensitivity.

A cut-above other rods, the Shimano G. Loomis both have to offer, creating the most advanced rods on the water. Delivering everything that anglers need to be successful on the water, the Shimano Intenza Spinning Rods employ a range of quality components to deliver an unmatched reliability.

Offering the perfect blend of price and performance, the Shimano Sellus Spinning Rods utilize high-quality components to provide reliable, yet price conscious design.

Focusing on value and performance, the Shimano SLX Spinning Rods blend high-quality materials with top-notch components to achieved tournament-grade design at an outstanding price. Filter Spinning Rods. Slow Moderate Fast Extra Fast. Sale Items Only. Change View Change View. Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning Rods. Shimano Clarus Spinning Rods.

Shimano Convergence Spinning Rods.

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Shimano Curado Spinning Rods. Shimano Expride A Spinning Rods. Shimano G. Shimano Intenza Spinning Rods.Shimano is a maker of renowned fishing reels that have earned the respect of anglers worldwide. But this company also makes a line of lures that can help you fish better. TackleDirect carries an exciting group of Shimano saltwater jigs, lures, plugs and hard baits that can help you attract and land more fish. These lures let you explore the water column from top to bottom.

Shimano's poppers are perfect for catching bluefish, stripers, tuna and other fish feeding on the surface. Whether you're fishing from shore or a boat, cast one into a blitz and hold on. We have sinking stickbaits as well as divers and swimmers to get down deeper to where the big ones lie. To go all the way to the bottom, check out our Shimano jigs. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these jigs provide exciting, innovative designs based on a classic lure.

Shimano Orca Top Water Lures. Shimano HD Orca Lure - 2. Shimano SP Orca Baby. Shimano Orca Slim Lure. Shimano Coltsniper Lures. View All [Shimano Coltsniper Lures]. Shimano Coltsniper Jigs. View All [Shimano Coltsniper Jigs]. View All [Shimano Waxwing Jigs].

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Shimano Suspending Waxwing Jigs. Shimano Butterfly Jigging System. Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall Jigs. Shimano Butterfly Flatside Jigs. Shimano Butterfly Flat Jigs.

Shimano Rods Spinning

Shimano Butterfly Monarch Jigs. Shimano Lucanus Jigging System. View All [Shimano Lucanus Jigs]. Shimano Lucanus Bucktail Jigs. Shimano Lucanus Flat Fall Jigs. Shimano Lucanus Jig Replacement Hooks.Why do you like fishing? There will be thousands of answers to this question. Fish variety differs from season to season, and from region to region. People in different regions are likely to enjoy fishing in different ways. Some people say that fishing is a sport, while others say it is a pastime. Still others say it is a science, while others say it is a means to instill themselves deep in the bosom of mother Nature.

The presence of so many views indicates that fishing has deep meaning that allows various interpretations. Fishing has been a subject of many literary works, including fiction, documentaries, and scientific documents. To promote the existing fishing culture, and to create a new fishing culture, Shimano is committed to various activities to introduce the enjoyment of fishing.

Shimano TV, on our website, for instance, offers films that have been aired on TV, DVD programs, and original programs made for the website, so that viewers can access programs they are interested in at any time from anywhere. Development of new fishing tackle of course entails technological development. At Shimano we have been committed to technological improvement in order to enhance basic performances and introduce innovative functions.

We have found, however, that this approach is not sufficient. Instead of regarding fishing tackle as a mere tool to catch fish, we have begun to regard it as a tool to enjoy fishing. In quest of a perfect visual image, grip feeling, and user comfort, we are now developing exciting equipment that truly enhances the enjoyment of fishing.

Value Creation Fishing Tackle. Fishing Tackle. Click here for product information.Incredible craftsmanship and precision are only the beginning of what Shimano saltwater fishing reels have to offer. Shimano is a leader in fishing tackle technology development, and recent innovations such as CI4 design for lightweight durability, Hagane gears for the power to fight big game, and X-Ship for easier handle turning show they're still at the forefront.

Our Shimano saltwater reels incorporate these and many other features so you'll always have the odds in your favor when you're out on the water. TackleDirect has hundreds of Shimano reels for sale, with a wide selection of baitcasting reels, conventional reels, spinning reels, trolling reels and electric reels.

Shimano reels are cold forged using aluminum and stainless steel, and are machined for lightweight power, smoothness and durability.

Available models include the Shimano Curado I baitcasting reel with a low-profile design and the SVS Infinity braking system for effortless casts and retrievals, along with Shimano Baitrunner spinning reels that incorporate their Propulsion Line Management System for tangle-free casting.

Many models are offered with multiple gear ratios and power systems, allowing you to pick the perfect version for your next expedition. And when you order from TackleDirect, you'll get great customer service with satisfaction guaranteed on every order.

Shimano Calcutta B Baitcasting Reels. Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reels. Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reels. Shimano Calcutta D Baitcasting Reels.

Shimano Cardiff A Baitcasting Reels.

Shimano Jigs and Lures

Shimano Forcemaster Electric Dendou Reels.The New Aerlex series with their new cosmetic design have been designed for the heavy duty work. The Spod version with a 5, ratio and a massive cm retrieve can really make light work of all spodding activities. An affordable heavy duty Baitrunner with superb styling and a host of features.

The Biomaster is packed full of features, such as Shimano's awesome X-Ship gearing which ensures that this reel has maximum winding power and efficiency when targeting large fish. A compact, versatile and durable bait casting reel, suited to numerous situations. A unique range of electric reels that are suitable for a multitude of deep water fishing situations. The Ocea Calcutta HG is perfect for lighter saltwater jigging and also makes a great live-bait reel.

The Saragosa is built using lightweight XGT-7 material and is an out and out heavy duty spinning reel available in a wide range of sizes. The Socorro SW is sure to appeal to the price conscious angler who does not want to compromise of demanding applications in the saltwater environment.

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This high specificaton casting reel offers beach anglers a reel capable of extreme distances at an affordable price. The Spheros SW is the first dedicated SW reel which is available in smaller sizes for a very affordable price. The iconic Shimano lever drag multiplier reel used all around the world in both fresh and saltwater. The TR level wind reel, is a no nonsense, reliable offshore reel that provides exceptional value for money.

shimano fishing

A no nonsense manual lever clutch multiplier, designed to be put through its paces in a saltwater environment. Based upon a narrow body principle which equals less weight, smaller dimensions and easier handling than equivalent lever drag multipliers, Talica is truly a high-speed dream machine.

Shimano's Tiagra range are the worldwide market leader in Big Game Reels and are renowned for their reliability when target he biggest fish, year after year. A small body combined with a high capacity make this star drag multiplier perfect for targeting bigger species. Built to a full Hagane specification the Twin Power SW-B will stand-up to the hardest fighting species and withstand eposure to saltwater. This aluminium framed lever drag reel is available in single and 2-speed versions and has built up a trusted reputation amongst serious boat anglers.

The Aero Technium MgS is the flagship model of the big pit range. The new Exsence is made using the newest high-end materials and technologies, resulting in a light weight but immensely strong reel. This reel is poised to be the new basic of powerful electric reels, with a body that is redesignd to be low profile, enabling the user to control with a single hand.

The Power Aero Big Pit reel which will come in a dark-ish and silver-ish version is an eye-catching reel for the fanatic carp- and surf angler. The Stella FJ is the new flagship in front drag Core Solid spinning reels and is developed for both fresh and salt water conditions. The totally new Tranx is designed as a 'working machine for big fish'.

The Twinpower XD is developed for salt water spinning. The new Tekota A has a great stealthy look and has a higher gear ratio compared to the previous model.

The new smaller and sizes complete the range in and can be very useful also in FW trolling applications. It has the ideal gear ratio and retrieve speed to present the EGI lure in the ideal way. Homepage Saltwater reels. Body Material XT Maintenance Port Yes body. Extra Spool 0. Models XSB.Technology Found In Shimano Rods : Spiral X - Spiral X construction consists of three layers: a blank made of vertical fibers, an inner layer, and an outer layer both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions.

By using this carbon tape in place of a conventional horizontal fiber sheet, Spiral X achieves enhanced torsional rigidity without adding extra weight.

This in turn facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting and fighting fish. The width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped are fine-tuned according to the target fish species.

The flexibility allows Shimano to adjust these wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance. In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control by the angler.

This new construction increases the hoop strength for maximum pulling power without inhibiting sensitivity. TC4 Blank Construction- TC4 Construction wraps a double inner horizontal layer of advanced, dynamic fibers with an inner and outer spiral of high modulus graphite. This breakthrough in design construction results in an extremely durable, crisp, yet lightweight fishing rod.

Shimano Smokey Trucker Hat. Shimano Curado Personal Travel Organizer. Shimano Flat Side Jig Kit. Shimano Tool Sheath. Shimano Tsunami Wire Line Combos. Shimano A-Flex Visors - Polyester. Shimano Asquith Fly Reels. Shimano Butterfly Flat Jigs.

Spinning reels

Shimano Dryfender 3T Jacket and Bib. Shimano Dryfender Bibbed Overalls.

I’m Done Being Quiet… Penn Vs Shimano Fishing Reel Comparison

Shimano Calcutta B Baitcasting Reels. Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reels. Jackall Chunk Craw.


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